• March 20, 2017

The Adventure Continues at Comics and Gaming


The Adventure Continues at Comics and Gaming

The Adventure Continues at Comics and Gaming 300 300 Bond's Escape Room

Comics and GamingWe Puzzle Masters at Room Escape Fairfax have two great loves: puzzles and passion. Our team is incredibly passionate about puzzles, and the artistry and creativity it takes to craft them. Our puzzle-makers work meticulously to personally craft each and every puzzle that you find in our one-of-a-kind escape rooms. When you are solving one of our puzzles, you are solving a puzzle that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Our puzzle-makers spend months passionately and carefully designing every detail of our rooms. Room Escape Fairfax is full of heart and soul. When passions and puzzles collide, you get the Room Escape Fairfax experience: adventure, friendship, and unforgettable memories.

Our love of passion and adventure is why we so admire our Fairfax City neighbors over on Main Street: Comics and Gaming. Comics and Gaming is all about passion: passion for comics, passion for gaming, passion for the adventures they take us on and the memories they help make.

Much like Room Escape Fairfax, Comics and Gaming makes sure you get the thrilling experience you crave, by offering you a wide variety of comics catered to any taste. Their comprehensive stock carries all major comic titles: from DC to Marvel, from Image and IDW to Dark Horse and so many others. Whether you want caped superheroes, intergalactic romps, or a fantasy dreamscape, Comics and Gaming covers all of your comic needs. Their site even says that they carry “one of the largest selections of New Comics and Trade Paperbacks in the area [so] you are sure to find something perfect.” If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll order it for you and call you when it arrives. Sweet! Now I know where I can get my fix of Fullmetal Alchemist and The Runaway Girls!

Comics and Gaming also cares about every part of your comic experience. You can get your protective polypropylene covers and sturdy backing boards here, along with storage boxes available in 10 sizes. Every Wednesday they host New Comic Day so you can always count on discovering new, immersive stories told through captivating art. They even offer generous discounts and subscription deals so you don’t have to choose between buying food and buying your favorite comic-caperings(you’re not really hungry anyways–just pretend your Alphonse Elric, and you’re a suit of armor that simply doesn’t need sustenance!).

The passion of Comics and Gaming doesn’t stop there: don’t forget to check-out their wild gaming selections! The enthusiastic folks at Comics and Gaming strive to cater to as many gaming genres as possible. They’ve got board-games, and card-games, and miniatures–oh my! Get Magic the Gathering in singles and in packs. Get any installation of the Catan series, or Pathfinder. Buff-up your Dungeons and Dragons arsenal. Investigate role-playing games. Stock up on card-sleeves, dice and dice bags, paints and brushes, and so much more! If you love gaming, you’ve got to check out Comics and Gaming.

But Comics and Gaming is not only passionate about their products… Part of what makes us at Room Escape Fairfax so special is our love of community, friendship, and collaboration. It is clear that these same virtues are shared by the cool-cats at Comics and Gaming. Just as we want to share our love of puzzles, Comics and Gaming wants to share their love of–well–comics and gaming. When you go into their store, you can immediately tell that the staff loves comics and games just as much as you do. They’ll help you find what you’re looking for, suggest something new you might like, and engage in excited discussions about all of your favorite games and comics. They are your comic gurus. They are your gaming guides. Their knowledge and love of games and comics is a major part of what creates the positive and excited energy of their store.

And, like Room Escape Fairfax, they’re all about community and shared-experiences. They have this super incredible Gaming Center that’s free to use and holds over 65 people. Meaning, you can bring your best buds or your family, grab a table and embark on an exciting gaming journey! Be sure to check their calendar, too, because their calendar is always jam-packed with immersive, engaging gaming events. With their awesome gaming center and friendly gaming events you’re sure to have a blast and make remarkable memories along the way!