• March 9, 2017

Our Creative Room Escape Fairfax Team

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Our Creative Room Escape Fairfax Team

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Last week, we released our official Room Escape Fairfax music video, “I’m Stumped!” Since its release, the video has earned almost 3,000 views on Facebook and has been liked, and shared, and spread everywhere. What we love most about our music video is that it was personally made by our own team at Room Escape Fairfax. Yes, it’s got a super catchy tune, and it’s really cool to see a walk-through of all of our awesome rooms, but the best part is that we made it together. Be sure to take a moment and check out the official “Stumped” video!

Our Room Escape Fairfax team is full of creative artists who put their heart and soul into your Room Escape Fairfax experience.The camaraderie and passion of our team is what makes Room Escape Fairfax so unique. From our puzzles to our staff, we celebrate creativity and innovation. For instance, we spend three months distinctly designing each one of our unique escape rooms. Where other escape rooms revolve around expensive, mass-produced wow-factors that you can buy on Amazon, each one of our puzzles is personally hand-crafted and designed by our very own puzzle writers. You won’t see any of our puzzles anywhere else.

We embrace and encourage all of our team’s creative and artistic passions. Together, we came up for the idea of a Room Escape Fairfax anthem, and we’re so proud of our team for their clever rewrites of the Presidents of the United States of America cover. We were all a part of making this rocking music video that really showcases our celebration of creativity and camaraderie. When you watch “I’m Stumped,” it is easy to see our team’s passion and care.Be sure to check out the video below!

We’re one big family here at Room Escape Fairfax. With us you get a personal, unique experience. We encourage friendship and fun, and we love being a part of your escape room adventures. We you to know how much we care about your experience with our unique puzzles and escape rooms, so we want to introduce you to some of the members of our team! From puzzles, to “I’m Stumped,” to the Room Escape Fairfax experience, we’ve got so much we want to share!

On Your Room Escape Fairfax Experience:

By Eli, Puzzle Master

Through the cheers, the screams, the excitement, and the laughs, my experience working at Room Escape Fairfax is built upon customer satisfaction. Meeting new people and seeing returning customers is what drives me to provide the best experience I possibly can to each and every soul that enters the store. If a customer is looking glum before the game, I strive to ensure that by the end of the game, they can’t stop talking about it. I’ve have long conversations with customers after their games ranging from what it’s like to be a game host to general well-being. Each booking is unique and it keeps things exciting.

I also work as a puzzle creator and puzzle tech. I am responsible for creating/repairing the electronic components in the rooms and making sure they are responsive. Whenever I have to create a puzzle or do maintenance, I get completely in the zone. My mind sometimes shuts off and I let my hands build and destroy as needed. When creating a new puzzle or thinking of ways to implement an idea, my body freezes while my mind does all of the problem solving. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of strange. Programming and electronics work has been my passion since I was very young, and now that I can incorporate my experience towards my job, I feel as if I belong here.

On Our Unique Room Escape Fairfax Puzzles:

By Andrew, Puzzle Writer

Every day after school in elementary, I would play The Incredible Machine, a forgotten puzzle game gem of the 90s and one of the first puzzle games I remember playing. In the game, there were hundreds of complex Rube Goldberg machines with missing pieces (like gears, or crocodiles). Even more than playing the challenges that they game had built in, I liked creating them own and making my family play them (which I was always more enthusiastic about than them.) Since then, I have been playing puzzle games. At Room Escape Fairfax, I’ve managed to do the impossible and get a creative job as a college student as a puzzle writer, which is apparently a real job. Our small, inhouse creative team and I are responsible for writing, building, updating each of our unique rooms. Our process can be as complex as tweaking the minutia of puzzle mechanics or as simple as seeing something cool and saying “hey, that should be a puzzle.” I enjoy working with a close-knit team of creative people to build challenges for everyone to enjoy. Room Escape Fairfax is a great venue to present my creativity, in whatever form.

On the Room Escape Fairfax Anthem “I’m Stumped”

By Vincent, Singer & Main Actor in Music Video

I had a great time shooting the video! We got to experiment with different ways of shooting it, and I felt as though I was contributing a lot to the final outcome. We created a project I’m very proud to put my name, and my band’s name, on!

Working at Room Escape is like working at a dream job I never knew existed. Everyone that works here is motivated to create the best experience for the customers, and each of us have a space to let our creativity flow! What I like the most from this job is being able to let any creative idea out and open it up to the floor, so to speak. Things like the video are great, because not only do I get to create the music for this ad campaign, I get to work on the directing, and the scripting, and overall visual outcome of the video. I get to have input and a voice!

On the Fun, Creative Energy of Room Escape Fairfax:

By Leo, Puzzle Master

Room Escape Fairfax is a unique experience because in most customer service based jobs, the customers can be the most trying part of job. In running Escape the Room Games, it’s that eureka moment, the jump of terror, or even just the click of a lock that makes running the games worthwhile. On top of that, the job entails a great number of entertainingly bizarre problems that you would not find anywhere else. What other occupation would I have to tell customers not to undress mannequins in their search for clues.

On the Incredible Camaraderie of Room Escape Fairfax

By Spencer, Puzzle Master

As a relatively new employee, one of the first things I noticed was how friendly and understanding the staff is, not only towards customers but also with each other. This is a workplace where everybody respects each other, and it has a definite effect on morale. Even during busy hours, I’ve never felt burdened beyond my ability to handle. Which is not to say it’s an easy job–it has a well-balanced workload, giving a sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

On the Caring Team of Room Escape Fairfax

By Donna, Puzzle Master

I’ve worked at different jobs before and nothing can compare to the experience that I’ve had and gained at Room Escape Fairfax. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed. When it comes to work, I love the variety. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a varied groups/people. It means I am always learning. Another plus is that the people at this company are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.