• October 23, 2017

5 Reasons Why an Escape Room is the Perfect Team Building Activity

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5 Reasons Why an Escape Room is the Perfect Team Building Activity

5 Reasons Why an Escape Room is the Perfect Team Building Activity 1024 699 Bond's Escape Room


Cooperation between employees is invaluable for any business, and a team building activity is a great way to increase communication and teamwork between your staff. There are almost endless team building strategies out there, including an in-office mandatory HR-led team building activity, expensive company retreats, and everything in between, but many of these fall short of what they’re meant to achieve.

Employees dread the team building sessions that include activities like trust falls and ice breakers. These activities have been done so many times, make your employees uncomfortable, and usually don’t deliver the results you’re hoping for. Company retreats or outings are great for taking your employees’ minds off work for a few hours and improving their moods, but usually do not actually improve teamwork and communication. The key to a successful team building activity is to find something that’s both fun and effective.

The solution? An escape room. In an escape room, participants are locked in a room (or series of 2 or 3 rooms) and only have one hour to work together, solve a variety of puzzles, and escape. The cooperative and creative nature of escape rooms make them great for improving teamwork. Here are a few reasons why you should take your employees to an escape room in Fairfax for your next team building activity.


1. Escape Rooms Require Communication & Cooperation

In order to successfully escape the room, your staff members will have to work together. Multiple heads are better than one, and each employee will be encouraged to share their own knowledge and insights to work through the problem. The communication and cooperation skills your team picks up in the escape room will easily transfer to work. You’ll have a stronger team by the time they make their escape.


2. Escape Rooms Build Team Based Creative Problem Solving

Escape rooms push participants to think outside of the box, which is an excellent skill for the workplace. Faced with subtle clues and obscure puzzles, your staff will need to think differently than normal. Even better, your employees will brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other to reach conclusions and solve the mystery together. They will bring these new creative problem solving skills to work with them and apply them to daily situations.


3. Escape Rooms Promote High-Pressure Decision Making

Your team of employees only has 60 minutes to escape the “deadly” scenario they’ve found themselves in, meaning they’ve got to act quickly. Although they will never be in any real danger, the rich story of the escape room, the ticking clock, and the requirement to solve puzzles to get out creates a high-pressure situation that requires participants to make decisions. Your employees will likely have to make some hard decisions in the workplace, and an escape room is the perfect place to practice and develop these decision-making skills.


4. Escape Rooms Foster Leadership Skills

In any group activity, there will inevitably be certain team members who act as leaders and help guide the rest of the group through the activity or conflict. Especially in time-sensitive or high-pressure scenarios like an escape room, you will see some of your employees step up and play a crucial part in helping the team escape. You may even be surprised to see an unexpected team member or two taking on a leadership role.


5. Escape Rooms Are Fun!

Finally, escape rooms are simply a lot of fun! You won’t find the hated team building activity classics like trust falls or blindfolded obstacle courses at an escape room. Instead, your team will have a rich, exciting, and unique experience that they will never forget. Having fun also boosts morale and camaraderie, which helps your employees work better together.

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