Bowl Voyage

Location: Fairfax

Address: 3949 University drive, Fairfax, VA, 22030

2 – 4 people
60 minutes

$34 per Person


You and your teammates are the prized collection of Wilfred Larium, senior citizen and rare fish collector. You live happily in his aquarium, for fish, but stormy waters are on their way: Larium’s rambunctious granddaughter, Lily, is on her way to his house for a visit. The last time she visited, Wilfred gave her a choice of any of his fish to take home with her. You never saw the last pick once he was selected, but the look of horror on his face when placed in the energetic hands of Lily will haunt you forever. The only way to escape is to find a way to get Wilfred to take you out of the tank so you can make make your way into the sewer line before Lily arrives. Do you have what it takes to escape the chaotic kid before you’re sleeping with the fishes?

Note: Don’t let the whimsical theme fool you: this is a room for all ages with a few tough puzzles. Having at least one player above 13 present is recommended.
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“This was a really well made Escape Room. We did Bowl Voyage, which is a fairly new room, as a double date (4 people room), and it was really fun! The clues were challenging without being impossible. The theme was cute and everything was well thought out. Kevin, the employee that monitored our room, gave us a great walkthrough since half the group was new to escape rooms. We set a record and has a great time and will definitely be back. Go team “Fish Are Friends!!”

Naomi S

“We took our grand-daughter for her 10th birthday & we all had a fantastic time! She couldn’t stop talking about it to all the kids at school. 😄”


“my two children 6 and 11 loved the escape.room. we tried Bowl Voyage because it was relatively less difficult for younger one. We had great time! love to try different room next time.”


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