Escape From Venus II: Collision Course

Location: Fairfax

Address: 3949 University drive, Fairfax, VA, 22030

2 people
60 minutes

$34 per Person


You and your teammate are en route to Earth after your recent close call crashing on and escaping from Venus. As you make your way towards our home planet, you pick up an incoming transmission, where you find out that an asteroid is on course to collide with Earth in a populated area for deadly consequences. Your small craft is the only one close enough to the asteroid to have a chance at destroying it before collision, though many of your ship’s functions (including the weapons you’d need and your communications system) were damaged on your previous mission. Will you be able to repair your ship and figure out how to destroy the asteroid before catastrophe? Try Escape from Venus II: Collision Course for an experience that will truly be out of this world. Did you and your partner lose the aliens trail? Check out our other rooms!


“I’ve done several escape rooms and this place is great. This is the only place i’ve seen that offered a room for 2 people. It’s great for couples/friends who just want to do one on their own or don’t want to join a group of strangers. Some places the puzzles were just ridiculously hard/puzzles just didn’t make sense. The difficulty level of their current one Escape from Venus is perfect for just 2 people. Can’t wait to try out more of their rooms!”

Katherine Palmer

Such a unique and fun experience! The rooms are actually quite difficult but leave you feeling so accomplished! I did the Venus room with my boyfriend and we managed to finish it RIGHT on time! The crew is amazing and so friendly!! We had Brandon and Sasha, so helpful and added so much fun to the experience! 10/10 in my book!”

Gina H

“This was so much fun.  My husband and I did the Escape from Venus room.  We had a blast.  The room is well put together.  The staff is great to work with.  We will come again.”

Eliza T

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