• August 3, 2017

Escape Velocity 2017

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Escape Velocity 2017

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Escape Velocity = Pop Culture + Real Science

Are you a lover of all things science-related and looking for something to do in the D.C. area? We are excited to announce that Room Escape Fairfax has partnered up with the Museum of Science Fiction (soon to be located in Washington D.C., though it already has a strong community) to create two brand new escape rooms for Escape Velocity, an exciting event in D.C. that is part STEAM expo (as in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and part science-fiction convention. Escape Velocity’s website describes it as “a micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education within the context of science fiction”, making it a unique hybrid of sci-fi and real-world science and its implementation in dozen of fields. Whether you’re captivated by the newest technological possibilities in space travel, curious about what STEAM careers could be in your future, or are a lover of sci-fi films, television, and more, Escape Velocity will have something to fascinate you, whether you’re a convention regular or a first-timer. In addition to TWO escape rooms created by us, view some of the museum’s future exhibits, watch panels of esteemed STEAM specialists, or meet one of the convention’s many guests from an array of STEAM/Sci-fi celebrities.
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While there’s plenty to see during for any portion of the convention’s three day run (which starts September 1st and ends on September 3rd), we hope you get a chance to try one of our two brand new rooms. The first game is set in the 1960’s, where you and your team of time-traveling tourists decide to investigate the offices of a corporation that has appeared suddenly and mysteriously. They offers exciting new innovations for your day to day life…though it seems suspiciously futuristic. If you don’t want to live in the past, how about the future? Can you and your team of time-traveling rebels take down a malicious AI system that has been wreaking havoc on society as we know it?
Are you excited by these themes but disappointed that you won’t be able to make it to Escape Velocity? Worry not, escapers! We are excited to announce that deluxe versions of both rooms will be available at our upcoming sister location in Bethesda, Maryland, which will open doors in late 2017.
So if you have a fascination for the latest in STEAM, a love for conventions filled with like-minded people, are an escape room junkie, or want to try something completely new, we’d love to help! Make sure to visit Escape Velocity from September first through third, our upcoming location in Bethesda, Maryland, or our original location in Fairfax, Virginia for any or all of our six games like the eerie Molly’s Horror Room or the enthralling Save the White House. We’ll see you there!