• September 30, 2019

Fun Team Building Events In Virginia

Group of coworkers having fun during team building events in virginia

Fun Team Building Events In Virginia

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If your team is struggling to connect in the office, it may be time for a change of pace. Consider an afternoon away from work to engage in a fun team building activity instead. These activities not only provide a welcomed change of focus from the daily grind — they can also form the basis of better communication, trust, and teamwork once the group returns to the office. Consider one of the following fun team building events in Virginia for your department.

The Benefits of Team Building

coworkers playing foosball during team building eventsTeam building activities have benefits that go beyond getting time off from work. They can generate a stronger sense of engagement in the company and camaraderie amongst coworkers, helping employees feel good about the work they do each day. These activities can also improve communication, time management, and creative thinking skills.

When translated to the office, these skills can improve productivity and efficiency, allowing your company to grow and take on more work without strain.

Team Building Events In VA

Below are the top 7 team building events in Virginia you should consider for your team to increase productivity, efficiency and most importantly, team bonding!

Wild Goose Chase

two coworkers in a scavenger hunt during team building eventsThe Wild Goose Chase is a scavenger hunt that asks teams to work together to explore the city. Create a list of challenges, like taking a silly photo in front of a local landmark or finding a stranger wearing the same color shirt as a teammate, and give teams a set amount of time to complete as many challenges as possible. Be sure they take photos to prove their successes, and award a small prize to the winning team. This activity can help improve creative thinking, time management, and social interaction with coworkers.

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

The Cardboard Boat Challenge is a classic event enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Teams must build boats out of cardboard boxes and tape only, then row them out to a specific point and back again before taking on too much water. This challenge focuses on problem solving, communication, and leadership abilities while giving employees a chance to grow closer and cheer on their teams.

Minute To Win It

Just like the popular TV show, teams in the Minute to Win It activity have just 60 seconds to complete challenges like running across the room without dropping an egg on a spoon or completing a relay race. This event introduces an element of friendly competition, encouraging teams to work together for the grand prize.

Team Pursuit

women coworkers engaging in team pursuitThe Team Pursuit combines mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges. Groups will need to answer trivia questions, take photos and videos, and solve riddles to get points. The team that completes the most activities within a set period of time wins it all. Team Pursuit encourages strategic thinking and teamwork by asking groups to choose their challenges carefully and work together to solve each one.

Domino Effect Challenge

This event will divide your coworkers into small groups, each of which is responsible for building a section of a chain reaction machine. Each small group will need to work within their teams and with the larger group to strategize and connect the parts, requiring strong communication and problem solving skills.

Wheelchairs For Charity

Wheelchairs for Charity adds a philanthropic element to your team building challenge, helping employees connect with each other while helping others. Teams will complete various challenges to earn wheelchair parts, which they’ll then need to assemble and test out before the chairs are donated to a charity of your choice. By combining a good deed with a fast-paced activity, teams will enjoy using their problem solving skills for a charitable cause.

Supercar Derby Challenge

Bring the old Soapbox Derby of your youth to the office with the Supercar Derby Challenge. Teams will have to build cars out of everyday materials, like boxes and string, then race them in speed and obstacle course challenges. This activity is ideal for testing problem solving and planning skills within your workplace.

Eagle Glider Construction Challenge

If you’re not interested in getting behind the wheel, the Eagle Glider Challenge takes the basics of the Supercar challenge to new heights. Teams will create gliders out of provided materials, then launch them into the air. Points can be awarded for the length of time the gliders stay up or the distance they cover to determine a winner. Either way, your group will work on communication and strategy as they create their gliders.

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