• May 10, 2020

Post-Quarantine Team Building: Necessary for Smooth Transitions

a group of employees that is learning how to improve team communication

Post-Quarantine Team Building: Necessary for Smooth Transitions

Post-Quarantine Team Building: Necessary for Smooth Transitions 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

Team Building is a necessary first step.

As businesses begin to slowly reopen and our society starts to rebuild, it is important to keep our mental state at the forefront of our minds. Through this journey, there has been so much damage done not only to our health but to our mental well-being. We, of course, can in no way diminish all of the losses and casualties we have faced. But we must keep in mind that these endless days of social distancing have also impacted our motivation, personal interaction, and sense of self-worth. One way to help ease the transition back into the workforce is to put an emphasis on “post-quarantine” team building and have coworkers face the roadblock they all have in common.

Let’s dive right into why these exercises are important.

post-quarantine team buildingOff the bat, team building is important even in a normal working climate. We always recommend arranging some form of team building every few months as it will help the team regroup. The first and probably most important benefit is going to be communication and cooperation. You want your team to be able to work together effortlessly, with little conflict or miscommunication. If a team does not work together well to come up with solutions or work through problems on a day to day basis, the work will suffer from a lack of efficiency. This could also lead to drama and problems amongst the team that are not conducive to the work environment.

In a post-quarantine world, this is especially important as individuals have spent months in social isolation. This has likely affected coworker relationships that went from speaking to each other almost every day to not at all. Coworker relationships will benefit greatly from some TLC before jumping into day to day cooperation. Revamping communication tactics is also smart as isolation has reduced our need to read social cues and engage in proper social interaction.

Another benefit of team building is an increase in creativity. Not only do team members have to put their brains together, but they have to use them in unique ways. This ties hand in hand with problem-solving, as team-building exercises require out of the box thinking. (Something we push for daily, here at Room Escape Fairfax.) Most of us have been stuck inside with nothing to do. And while in many cases this has led to an increase in motivation and creativity, many have also reached peak boredom and a decrease in positivity. This can lead to a negative impact on mental health. We feel like we have nothing but time on our hands but nothing to do with it. As we return to work, team-building exercises can help jumpstart our right brain again and get those juices flowing.

Our top choice for maximum benefits: escape rooms.

As you look through your options to find the best team building activity for your group, check out escape rooms! Room Escape Fairfax caters to our corporate clients because we know that our games are a great way to bond with your team. In an escape room, you will be “locked” in a room with your coworkers and have to work together in order to escape the room or solve your mission. You will encounter many puzzles requiring teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. They will test your ability to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems. They will also spike creativity and help engage leadership skills.

It is the perfect environment to not only test your team but to evaluate and identify any problem spots or roles that each individual identifies with. Will one person take the lead and direct others towards solutions? Will others step back and observe, unwilling to speak up and provide their crucial input? Let’s see if your team is up for the challenge!

Keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for more news as businesses begin to reopen. And be sure to stay posted as we plan to release an online game, a great alternative when it comes to engaging and bonding with your team from home! We look forward to helping many companies reacclimate during this transition and hope to cater to your post-quarantine team building needs. If you would like to help our small business and contribute before we reopen, feel free to check out our online gift cards or email us at info@roomescapedc.com to begin planning your future event.

Written by Brianna Ward