• February 1, 2018

I Themed a Theme and Won a Prize!

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I Themed a Theme and Won a Prize!

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One of the things that sets Room Escape Fairfax apart from other escape rooms you may have seen or visited is that our escape room games are designed entirely in house by our small creative team. While many businesses in our industry are franchises that use games written in a corporate office by someone who doesn’t always understand what makes good games work well or perhaps buy a game from a third party that you can find elsewhere, our passion for and experience with puzzles is evident the high-quality experiences that we create. If you’ve enjoyed the games we have already, then we’re glad to let you know that what we have in store in the future might be even better. Today, we’re expanding the creative process to you. We want to share a few ideas for the games we have in store and give you an opportunity to give some feedback or possibly suggestions of your own. Is the thrill of the brainstorming process not enough of a hook for you? What if we bribe you with free tickets? Take the survey further down this page between 02/01/18 and 02/28/18 for a chance to win 4 tickets for you and your friends to try any of our games.

Before taking the survey, please take a quick moment to read some of the themes and scenarios in consideration for our future games and think about which stand out (whether you are excited to give it a try or you hate it so much that nobody should ever be forced to play it).

Adventure Escape Room

Hospital Escape room
The Legend of El Dorado: You and your team of explorers has searched nearly every corner of South America looking for the long lost city of gold. Your friends think you’re foolish for spending so much of your life in search of something that doesn’t exist, and you start to as well…until you come upon a clearing in the jungle. Can you make your way into the city you’ve dreamed of your whole life before it’s guardians return or will you become just another forgotten story?

The Dragon’s Keep: You and your teammates are family of impoverished villagers who have eaten just about all of the grool they can stomach. Surely there’s a way out of here. A mysterious traveller has told you about a mysterious amulet more beautiful than anyone has seen in centuries. The problem? The dragon who is guarding it likes it too. Recover the amulet and escape or get fired.

Professor Greenhaüs: You and your teammates are an elite band of superheroes dedicated to protecting the world as we know it.You have received word that the evil Professor Greenhaüs has come out retirement with a vengeance: in one hour, he will launch a climate-destroying bomb towards the ozone layer out of pure hatred for the planet and those who live on it. Your team has infiltrated his underwater base and must make your way up the building and find a way to stop the device before all is lost while lessening the impact of his eco-unfriendly evil. Your are the only ones who stand in his way and it falls upon you to save the planet. The power is yours!

Horror Escape Room

Hospital Escape room
The Bunnyman: Okay, I realize this doesn’t sound scary if you haven’t heard of The Bunnyman, but his story is one of Northern Virginia’s most treasured urban legends and has terrified and intrigued generations of locals. Decades ago, a man in a bunny costumed was spotted terrorizing passersby with an axe. Nobody has been able to prove that he exists, but there’s a rumor that his ghost appears near a local bridge every halloween. Curiosity gets the best of you. You must find out the truth. The bunnyman is waiting.

Bloody Mary: Returning to urban legends, Bloody Mary has terrified sleepover guests for decades. Rumor has it that if you go up to a mirror at midnight, light a candle, and say her name three times, she’ll appear. Sometimes with money, sometimes with murder. That’s worth the risk, right? No? Well I dare you to. If you don’t go through with the ritual, your friends will never respect you again. What’s the worst that could happen? As it turns out, more than it thought. Maybe you should have taken more time to pause and reflect.

Death by Chocolate: A legendary candy maker, a wondrous factory, golden tickets, you know the deal. An eccentric candy tycoon has invited you into his factory to show you the wonderous world of [the alliteration word here is copyrighted but we’ll make it work]. When you arrive at the factory, not everything is as it seems. Your tour begins with sweet dreams, but as you explore further, you realize the factory is more of a nightmare. What is it that makes his candy taste so good? You don’t want to know.

This isn’t everything we have in store, but it may give you a taste of what’s to come. In the survey, please let us know about which of these excite you most, which you might skip, and any other themes you’d love to play. We may or may not use all of these ideas, but we’ll give you a small teaser: at least one of these is in active development for our new escape room facility in Arlington, Virginia. Keep an eye on our website for all of the news and updates about our newest room escape games designed by people who love them for you. We look forward to challenging your brain in this new year!

Written by Andrew Nicholson

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