• June 24, 2019

Top 7 Team Building Activities in Northern VA


Top 7 Team Building Activities in Northern VA

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When most people think of team building activities, they likely think of tired office trivia games and awkward icebreakers in the boardroom. Thankfully, there are many more options available to you instead. Getting out of the office can be a welcome reprieve from the usual office day and give your team a mental and physical workout, with plenty of lessons to bring back to the office the next day. Check out the top 7 team building activities in Northern VA for your next event and get ready for an enjoyable and effective team building experience.

Adventure Links

rope course as one of the top 7 team building activities in northern vaSituated on a gorgeous 425-acre site in Clifton, VA, Adventure Links offers team building activities for energetic groups looking to get outdoors. The facility offers high and low ropes courses, kayaking trips, and leadership development courses, among other options. Each one aims to help groups improve their communication, collaboration, and trust as participants work together to successfully work through their adventure together. Adventure Links can also bring team building programs featuring elements of its low ropes course directly to your office, making it an excellent break in the middle of an otherwise stressful week.

Terrapin Adventures

For more outdoor acrobatics, consider Terrapin Adventures. This aerial adventure park includes a zip line, giant swing, climbing tower, high and low ropes courses, and a jump course. Each one focuses on building trust, communication, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration, and stress management skills. Programs can last from two hours to eight, depending on your schedule, and include activities like guiding blindfolded team members through a task or moving objects from one point to another without being able to see the entire course. These activities help strengthen your team members’ ability to rely on one another and helps identify areas where communication could be improved for maximum efficiency.

Assistance League Northern Virginia

volunteer program as one of the top 7 team building activities in northern vaSometimes getting some perspective and donating your time can be an eye-opening team building activity. The Assistance League of Northern Virginia hosts one-day volunteer programs for groups looking to give back to the community. You can spend an afternoon packing food boxes for children in need, helping at-risk first graders learn to read, or sort donated clothing, among other activities. Your group will receive mentorship and training, helping the team develop empathy and learn how to best manage their projects in the future. People who volunteer often report feeling happier than those who don’t, providing a mood booster along with camaraderie amongst teammates.

Fairfax Adult Softball League

You likely played sports as a kid to learn teamwork and discipline, so why not continue the trend? Fairfax Adult Softball hosts corporate coed leagues that will get you and your team back on the field. Each team is made up of employees from one company, so you’ll be able to focus on your own communication and strategy skills while in the game instead of stressing about making new connections with other companies. Spring, summer, and fall leagues are available, so you’ll be able to join in whenever you’re able to create a team.

Room Escape Fairfax

With just 60 minutes to solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and escape the room, Room Escape Fairfax provides an imaginative and memorable team building event. Become the hero of your own story as you enter a themed room filled with theater-grade props and immerse yourself in the mission. You might be trying to save the White House, travel through time, or escape from outer space. Through it all, you’ll need to practice good communication and critical thinking skills while delegating tasks and keeping track of information. Corporate groups can book a team building workshop led by a professional business coach to focus on specific areas of leadership development, add a breakfast package to their morning event, or simply book the VIP Suite for debriefing as a team after the experience or for establishing goals before tackling the room.

Trivia at Penn Social

trivia night as one of the top 7 team building activities in northern vaPenn Social’s trivia night offers a casual and competitive team building activity. Each Tuesday, trivia teams overtake the main floor of this beloved sports bar to battle it out for cash prizes. Make trivia night a monthly event to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, which awards prizes of up to $1,000. Unlike many other popular trivia events, Penn Social allows teams of up to 35, meaning that you won’t have to split up the department to take part. Each game consists of five rounds of questions with four bonus rounds, so get ready to dig deep into your trove of random knowledge and convince your teammates that you have the best guess.

Flight Fit N Fun

Get ready to reach new heights at Springfield’s Flight Fit N Fun trampoline park. Divide into teams to play dodgeball and compete in a laser race, or go one-on-one in a balance beam battle. You can even take a group workout class or party at a neon nighttime bounce session. Corporate groups can book private events that are customized with activities designed to bring the team together for a relaxing and fun bonding session.

When it comes to team building activities, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. An escape room adventure or energetic game of ball will be far more memorable than a generic, in-office program, and your team will be far more likely to not only remember what they’ve learned, but enjoy the experience as well.