• January 22, 2019

Using Escape Rooms To Identify Leaders Within Your Company

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Using Escape Rooms To Identify Leaders Within Your Company

Using Escape Rooms To Identify Leaders Within Your Company 1024 427 Bond's Escape Room

Identifying leaders within your company can set the business up for success for years to come. By understanding what leadership abilities each member of your team naturally possesses, your company can more effectively coach and support them throughout their careers. One of the best ways to identify leaders is through team building activities. If you need help establishing roles within your team, here’s a guide to help identify employee roles. When your team gets together to solve a problem, compete against each other, or create something, managers can observe how they interact and what leadership skills bubble to the surface. One of the most popular team building activities today is the escape room.

How A Fairfax Escape Room Can Help Identify Leaders

In a Fairfax escape room experience, your team will have just one hour to solve puzzles and brain teasers that will give them the clues they need to unlock the room. Here are some of the ways that a Fairfax escape room can help your company identify leaders among your employees.

Critical Thinking Skills

Man using critical thinking skills during a Fairfax Escape RoomTo be a strong leader, employees must demonstrate strong critical thinking skills. These give them the ability to solve problems effectively by considering what steps must be taken to solve a problem and whether proposed solutions are viable options. In an escape room, they will need to think quickly to evaluate their options and analyze the room to successfully complete the room’s puzzles.

Employees who can challenge assumptions and adopt creative perspectives will be the most successful in the Fairfax escape room, as the rooms are designed to encourage creativity in discovering the solution. At the office, these skills may help employees solve work-related issues more quickly than before. They can also provide the innovation needed to advance in your field and become an industry leader known for cutting-edge thinking.

Time Management

Fairfax escape rooms typically give participants just one hour to find their way out. This makes quick thinking while in a stressful situation a critical skill. People who waste time because they feel too anxious or are unable to think through options in a logical manner will likely fail the room. In addition to properly organizing thinking, time management involves understanding how much time one really has and what needs to be completed in that time frame. Some may feel that an hour is plenty of time to escape, but in reality, teams should begin working right away to find the solution. A leader understands that organization, logical thinking, and a sense of urgency are essential. These skills can ensure that deadlines are met and projects are completed in a timely manner in the office, saving you money and allowing you to take on more work than before for extra profit.

Resource Utilization

Employee who is resourceful after playing a Fairfax Escape RoomLeaders are often responsible for keeping track of resources, including time, money, and other supplies, while completing workplace projects. They should understand what it takes to finish each stage of the project and how to use the limited resources at hand to get the job done. In an Fairfax escape room setting, the only resources available are right there in the room. Teams will have props, a limited amount of information, and their own skills at their disposal, but not much else.

Employees who demonstrate leadership abilities will be able to analyze these resources and understand how they can be best used to escape the room. Those who are unable to do so are more likely to waste time chasing potential solutions that they do not have the resources to see through, then starting over and feeling rushed with less time to work the room out.

Delegation Skills

While everyone on the team should pull their own weight and contribute to the solution, leaders often delegate more than they do. They can quickly analyze the strengths of each team member and assign tasks best suited to each. This can mean that a team member who is particularly good with words will be asked to solve a riddle, while one who pays close attention to detail may be tasked with searching the room to find clues. This helps projects in the office get done faster. Dividing the project into segments can ensure that each person is only focusing on as much as they’re able to handle, while matching these segments to individual skill sets means that each one will likely be completed with higher quality.

Organizing Your Fairfax Escape Room Experience

A Fairfax escape room allows you to analyze leadership skills in a way that is not immediately obvious. They’re also an enjoyable day out for your employees, making it easy to gather a group together for the event. Speak to Room Escape Fairfax for more information and to schedule your Fairfax escape room event. The venue can accommodate up to 50 participants, who will use between two and five rooms for their room escape adventure. Each room has a different theme and contains theater-grade special effects and props to create an immersive experience. Your team building event will include pizza, drinks, and one hour in the VIP Suite to debrief before or after your session.