• September 5, 2020

Virtual Team Building: Bonding Online

Virtual Team Building: Bonding Online

Virtual Team Building: Bonding Online 960 629 Bond's Escape Room

Are You Craving Social Interaction?

The state of the world right now is one of uncertainty and isolation. At the time of writing this, the
pandemic is still limiting social activities. This has a detrimental impact on how we interact with
one another while in public. In the past, people would pause to ask how your day was going, or
at least say “Hi”. In today’s world, we try our best to avoid strangers to prevent the disease from
spreading. However, as a social species by nature, we strive to feel connected to the outside
world by whatever means necessary. Thanks to technology, people are still able to connect with
friends, family, and even coworkers for a virtual team building. Now, more than ever, it is vital that we adapt to this virtual
environment without losing the social skills so important to our well being.

Virtual team building

Before the virus hit, team building was done in person with activities ranging from simple ice
breakers to a team outing to an escape room. While some places, such as ours, have cautiously
reopened, many establishments have been forced to close temporarily due to safety
precautions. Fortunately, humanity has found ways to still enjoy social activities safely. Video
call platforms have taken the world by storm, providing the ability to safely interact virtually from
home. Graduation this year was able to be held either virtually, with drivebys, or one student at
a time. I have even heard of plans for drive-by and or virtual Halloween parties. It goes to show
that regardless of the situation the world may throw at us, humans will continue to find creative
solutions to overcome the obstacles.

The Bond’s Response

We at Bond’s Escape Rooms have slowly evolved to adapt to the new climate. Along with
reopening our facilities with strong safety measures in place, our team has been hard at work
merging onto the web to provide three virtual experiences. Each game geared towards a
different audience and, with the exception of our Magic School, are unique from our live escape
rooms. Continue reading to learn more about the new additions to the Bond’s game list.

The Corporate Conundrum

virtual team building

As the name implies, The Corporate Conundrum is specifically aimed at virtual team
building. Designed for up to 5 players per team with the ability for multiple teams to compete, the
game has players working together to resolve technical issues in a new management system
and eventually launch a product within a 10 round period. Teams must navigate corporate
demands and threats while balancing expectations of the product, a limited budget, and the

fast-approaching deadline. The game lasts 2 hours with post-game facilitation by an industrial
and organizational psychologist.

THE Global Domination

Bond’s online game geared toward all audiences, the Global Domination is able to accommodate
the most players at one time out of all our games, live or online. Built to be played with 12 to 50
players across 6 countries, the goal of the game is to build your country into a global
superpower. How your team decides to accomplish this feat is entirely up to you. Will you invest
in the global economy or look out only for the well-being of the homeland? Does it make more
sense to defend your cities from potential enemy attack or deliver the first blow? Can your
country be trusted or are you cunning traitors? Over a 2 hour period, the choices made by you
and your team could lead you to the ultimate victory or a nation lying in ruin.

Magic School

The popular Bond’s Escape Room experience, Magic School, has now moved to an online
platform. Specifically geared for players ages 5 and up, our Magic School provides a fun activity
for young escape room enthusiasts! Designed to host 5-12 players, kids will get to feel like
wizards and witches as they help defend the ancient School of Magic against the forces of an
evil sorcerer. The game lasts for 1 hour much like our live games. A perfect activity for birthday
parties or class activities, each participant also is given a personalized certificate upon

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Written By Zachary Hullings